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Sleepy Slumber Tea





+ Calms and Relaxes
+ Promotes Deeper, More Restful Sleep
+ 5 Active Ingredients
+ Regulates Sleep
+ Wake Up Refreshed and Energised
+ Settles Stomach for Uninterrupted Sleep
+ No Grogginess Upon Waking Up


  • Each Sleepy Slumber Loose Leaf 14 Day pack includes:
    14 Day Supply of Sleepy Slumber loose leaf (Net 40g)

    All Blends are 100% Natural Gluten, Dairy, Caffeine, Preservative and Additive free!
    Our products do not contain laxatives.

  • Sleepy Slumber Loose Leaf Ingredients:
    • Passion Flower
    • Chamomile
    • Lavender
    • Hibiscus Flower
    • Rose Petal
  • Our Sleepy Slumber blend is designed to be consumed a half-hour before you go to bed. It induces calmness and relaxation so you can fall asleep faster and enjoy a much deeper sleep, waking up feeling more refreshed and rested than ever!

    This caffeine-free tea uses a base of passion flower. Chamomile, lavender, and rose petal help soothe your nerves and fend off sleeplessness, while hibiscus flower settles your stomach so digestive upsets don’t keep you awake.

    This tea should infuse for eight minutes.

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