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Zen Hobbies to Pick Up While You Have the Time

July 27, 2020

Zen Hobbies to Pick Up While You Have the Time

A good majority of us are making the conscious decision of sticking around the house while waiting for all the craziness to calm down. One of the challenges that come with this choice is figuring out what to do with all the down time.

You’ve cleaned the roof gutters, weeded the lawn, done several furniture re-arrangements, and polished all the silvers. What now? We suggest picking up new hobbies—hobbies that are particularly zen and would help ward off anxiety. We’ve listed a few ideas that might interest you.



Baking is no longer the intimidating task that it was because of the vast resources available online today. Tutorials that break baking down to its simplest are widely available and can turn the most clueless of home cook to a relatively decent baker. Perhaps the best thing about taking up baking, on top of the relaxing process itself, is that you get to eat what you’ve done!

Baking is also an edible science experiment. It’s fun, rewarding, and satisfying to watch what you’ve mixed together puff up and rise in the oven, like a sort of ASMR for the eyes.



This hobby is another tasty science experiment. You propagate microscopic life through the brewing or fermentation process and turn regular stuff into delicious treats that are full of healthy probiotics. You can brew your own kombucha or ginger ale. You can make your own yogurt! There are starter kits and a wealth of tips and tricks available online. You have something to do, enjoy the end product, and save money. Because homebrewed products cost a fraction of what you’d pay for at the stores.

If you are of age, you can also make your own beer or wine while waiting out the apocalypse! This would require more special equipment and know-how. But you have the time, so go for it.

You can pasteurize your finished products if you’re worried about contaminants, but note that the process would also kill off the good bacteria, which makes brewed or fermented foods and drinks special.



If you have a vegetable or fruit garden or somehow regularly come across a surplus of fresh produce, then why not make them last by preserving them? Home pickling and preserving are awesome because they’re fun and you get to choose what goes in them.

The customization is entirely up to you. You control everything, from sugar and salt content to the flavouring constituents. You want hot and spicy pickled ginger? Why not? You want berry jam that’s a combination of different fruits? Go for it!


Flower Pressing

Much like the previous hobby, this works perfectly well, if you have a particularly productive flower garden. All you need is flowers, some parchment paper, and an iron that can go really low. Your pressed flowers are great framed. They also add a nice touch to your journal or scrapbook.

This is not contained to just flowers. You can use leaves that you find attractive as well.


Learn a New Language

Learning a new language requires patience but is extremely rewarding at the end. If you have travel plans when you’re comfortable enough to step out the house, getting familiar with the local language of the place you’re planning on visiting is very practical.

You would find it extremely helpful. Not only would you make going around easier for yourself, you might even impress the locals! So slap on those earphones and fire up that language course. Because that sourdough is going to take some time to proof.


Picking up new hobbies or enriching your existing ones is paramount for those of us who want to make the best of the time we have on our hands right now. Momentary distractions have never been more important due to the current climate.

Add more zen to your newly discovered interests by coupling them with a rejuvenating, relaxing cup of tea. ThinTea’s perfectly formulated blends are perfect supplements to any activity. These blends are specially designed to detoxify not just the body but also the mind. Take a minute to drop by the shop and see which plan is best for you!