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Winning Nancy Over

August 31, 2018

Winning Nancy Over


Detox teas have gained a bad rap the past few years, but Nancy got real with us and tells us why she love ThinTea despite her aversion to detox teas.

Firstly, about the taste:

“I really, really enjoyed them. It’s so funny because I used to not be a fan of tea. But now I can’t stop drinking tea. They’re so, so good. These ones are so yummy. So I love, love drinking this tea.”

It sounds like tea has one foot through Nancy’s door. But what else does she think about ThinTea’s blends.

“This is the 14-day Fat Burn blend. This one speeds up metabolism, suppresses my appetite, and burns fat. I love that these are so big… This is only for 14 days but I feel like it can last me so much longer. I feel like it really does help.”

She then explains why she has an aversion to detox teas and what she loves about taking ThinTea and compared its effects to another brand.

“I was always so iffy about this tea because I was just wondering if they would ever work. Is it really worth it? And what I love about this so much is it doesn’t make me want to go to the bathroom like [name redacted] does. It’s just so super easy and I feel like it does what it claims to do. I just love drinking this tea so much. I’m definitely going to be purchasing more.”

Nancy has been won over to the tea side, and we can’t be any happier for her! It really does pay to give something you don’t think you’d like the chance it deserves.

If you’re looking to be converted or if you are already a massive fan to drinking tea, ThinTea has an assortment of tasty blends that do down smooth and easy. And we’re not talking about normal tea blends here. Our Detox and Fat Burn blends cleanse your body safely and gives you that extra boost. So you can tap into all the energy in your body that’s just waiting to be used up. Don’t delay and get your ThinTea Pack now!