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What Your Cravings Are Trying to Tell You

What Your Cravings Are Trying to Tell You

September 18, 2017

Cravings aren’t as random as we build them up to be. That sudden hankering for a slice of cake or good old salty, grease-soaked home fries could mean that our body is lacking something vital. It could even mean we have a bit too much of something. Let’s have a look at what those yearnings could denote.

  1. Sweets

    Wanting to have sweet treats can be boiled down to blood sugar levels. It could mean that we have been binging on too much simple carbs, which quickly spike up blood sugar levels, leading to what’s called a sugar high. Here comes the crash, so we crave sugary food to quickly top us off. It doesn’t take a PhD in nutrition to know that this results in weight gain and an increased risk of diabetes. We can satisfy our sweet tooth by integrating healthier options. Instead of engaging in this vicious cycle of sugar high followed by a quick crash, the next time you crave for a sugar dose consider incorporating food with low glycemic index in your diet. These food release glucose in your blood in a steady manner, keeping your blood sugar levels steady and can even help your body metabolise fat more efficiently. Good examples of these are whole grain food, beans, and soy products.

    1. Fatty Food

    Fatty food cravings are often associated with stress. Experts say that this is a natural reaction and is a form of self-nurturing. But it could also mean that our body is lacking essential fatty acids like omega-3, which is found in most vegetable or nut-based oils, hence that extra-large order of fries. This can be controlled by tossing in “good fat” food in our meals like avocados and nuts.

    1. Salty Snacks

    There are times that only salt crusted crisps would do. Maybe we’re bored or maybe we’re iron-deficient. We can ward off these sodium cravings by consuming food that are high in iron, potassium, and calcium, like milk, bananas, and dark greens. But it could also just signal that we’re dehydrated. The body would blast out yearnings for salty food because it may be running low on water and salt helps in retaining it. Downing a glass or two of water could quickly stave off this particular “hunger.”

    1. Chocolate

    Sure it’s pretty well-known that chocolate increases serotonin levels in the body. This is known as a pleasure compound so we tend to want to have a nibble or two of some good quality chocolate. However, having this certain craving may signify a lack of magnesium or vitamin B. Women are more prone to this due to hormonal changes. We can opt for less sweet, less fatty alternatives like bananas, greens, and citrus fruits. If you must have chocolate, choose the dark variety with the least sugar or perhaps some cocoa nibs.

    1. But are we really craving food?

    Sometimes we just crave whatever. Whatever it is, we need to gorge on it now. This general feeling of food deprivation should be closely analyzed before getting that double-patty burger. Time and again, a glass of water would do. The human body is perpetually dehydrated, which leads to the feeling of thirst. The brain, in turn, often misinterpret this as hunger despite having had a proper meal not two hours prior.

    Of course, cravings can be explained simply because we’ve been depriving ourselves of specific food for a long time. Or they could be triggered by emotional and circumstantial cues. You’ve been watching a man scrape off melted cheese right from the wheel for an hour, so now you want exactly that. But it is still good to know what our insides really mean when it asks for a salted caramel sundae.

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