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What You Can Actually Do to Avoid and Treat Acne

What You Can Actually Do to Avoid and Treat Acne

April 04, 2018

Ahh, acne—the curse of adolescents and even some adults. Getting rid of it is one of the challenges of the century. It’s a chronic skin condition, not really dangerous but it can leave scars and a good dose of discomfort, both physically and emotionally, at its peak and at times a worse

The condition is largely unavoidable but we’ve curated a few tips and tricks to keep it in check without shelling out a fortune.


  1. The Basics

Pimples are bad on their own but they can get so much worse when the skin is broken, exposing the inner layers of skin to infection-causing bacteria, or if they get into enlarged pores, which is often the case with acne. The most sensible way of not exasperating this is to keep skin clean. If you have acne, it’s best to wash up twice a day. Full showers are better for people who have acne in other places other than the face.

Use soap and facial cleansers that are formulated for acne or ones that are mild and aren’t too perfumed. It need not be expensive as there are a lot of store brands that have the requisite properties mentioned. And if you can find something that can also exfoliate, then go for it.

The same goes for moisturizers after a having a good wash, the less harsh the better. There are a lot of cheap options; you just need to read up carefully.

  1. Outside Oils and Dirt

As mentioned, dirt and external oils are massive no-nos for skin that’s already oily to begin with. Keeping things that are constantly in contact with skin clean should be a priority. This is especially true and recommended for pillow cases. Oil and bacteria that build up on your linens could greatly aggravate acne. Change to a fresh set once a week at least.

This is similar to hair. The scalp produces more oil than any other spot of skin. And that oil gets worked along the length of hair onto skin outside the scalp area. Usually it’s the forehead. So washing hair at least every other day could minimize the amount of oil added to the already extra oily skin on different areas of the body like the face and back. And try to keep hair products at a minimum because those chemicals can do as much damage, especially when not rinsed thoroughly.

Eyewear should also be kept clean and free of oil. It’s surprising how much oil and inflammation-causing microbes collect on spectacles etc. 

  1. De-stress

Stress again rears its ugly head as it causes hormone production to go haywire, which worsens acne. The best way to reduce stress and keep the body balanced is to get a good seven to eight hours of sleep a night.

Exercise is really good for reducing stress as well. And you get to flush out toxins from the skin from sweating, too. Just remember to replenish lost moisture by drinking lots of water.

Too much exposure to harsh, direct sunlight adds to the skin’s stress level. Keep it covered or use sunblock as needed.


  1. Literally Feed Your Skin

There are tons of topical acne home remedies derived from easily accessible foodstuff. Cooled down green tea is a great anti-microbial and anti-oxidant. Or use a spent moist tea bag over affected areas. Honey mixed with oatmeal to make a paste makes a good anti-biotic mask, too.

Mint and citrus fruits juice are great natural exfoliants and pore de-cloggers. They also kill of harmful bacteria.

  1. Detoxify

As mentioned, stress increases production acne-aggravating hormones and enzymes like adrenaline. Toxins stress the body out from within to it’s vital to flush them out. This can be done through water or juice cleanses, minimizing intake of food of carbs, sugar, and dairy.

Now, another way to keep those nasty stuffs out of the body is through the Thin Tea detox plan. A cup of the morning and the evening blend daily would assure safe and quick elimination of toxic and acne-causing baddies out the body. Get yours now! Getting clear skin has never been easier.