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What’s the Deal with Skin Detox?

July 14, 2021

What’s the Deal with Skin Detox?

Our skin performs a huge deal of work when it comes to relieving us of wastes that we put in our body. Of course, it’s also the first organ that gets contact from the environment and its relative filth. When this protective layer gets overwhelmed with internal and external toxins, issues will arise. We get breakouts, wrinkles, discolourations, and dryness among a smorgasbord of nasty stuff.

How do we detoxify our skin? Here are a few easy ways to keep our skin nice, tight, and healthy.

  1. Cleansing from the Outside

  • Mud Masks

A mud mask helps pull out those skin dirt and waste materials. It unclogs pores, giving the skin a more revitalized look. For better results, slather that stuff on thick, steam for a bit, let it sit, and then rinse.

  • Citrus Cleanse

Add in a few drops of essential citrus oil--the real thing—into a small bowl of hot water. Soak a small face towel in and cover your face with it. It’ll open up pores and draw out impurities.

  • Peel scrubs

Papaya and cucumber peel has skin-friendly acids that neutralize the skin’s chemistry. Remember to use the flesh side of the peels!

  • Detox bath

There are tons of detox bath recipes to go with but the most common ones include essential oils, flower petals, tea, honey, milk, and Epsom salts. Not only will it help draw out impurities from your body, a good detox bath is also very calming and will help in detoxifying your mind from stress.

  1. Eat Better

  • Go Green

You all know that greens are good for you over-all but they are especially great for keeping that youthful glow going. So wolf down that spinach and kale. Ask the chef to sprinkle a bit more cilantro and parsley on your pasta. They are chockfull of stuff that are good for the skin.

  • No More Junk Please

Sugar, animal fat, dairy, simple carbs, and more, these tend to cause congestion and clogging. Lay off these things and go on a cleanse for a whole week or so every few months.

  • The Buzz Kings

Caffeine and alcohol cause dehydration, which leads to dry skin and speeds up skin ageing. Drink tea instead!

  1. Water and Work

  • Drink a lot of Water

Always worth reminding everyone about again and again. Do your impression of a camel and drink that wonderful stuff up. The skin is an organ. Organs are made of living cells that require water to survive and function well. Dehydration causes and lot of trouble, and your skin would not shy away from letting the world know all about it.

  • Then Work it All Out

Excess water has to go somewhere, and sweating would be the preferred avenue if you want to keep skin nice, healthy, and clean. It’s our natural detox. So cardio up, fellas. Sweat the nasty stuff away.

Of course, if you need a bit more help with skin cleansing from the inside out, you can try out our 14-Day Detox and Fat burn blends.