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What A Genuinely Safe Tea Cleanse is Like, As Told by Eliza

September 11, 2018

What A Genuinely Safe Tea Cleanse is Like, As Told by Eliza


Cleansing Teas get a bad rap, more so when manufacturers lure people over with claims of safety and celebrity endorsements.

Eliza knows what’s up. So she is understandably heedful of which detox tea brand to use. Before getting ThinTea, she did what we all must do and did her homework. She looked up not just the products themselves but also the company. Let’s hear Eliza’s ThinTea story,

She begins by acknowledging the value that comes with getting the tea blends.

“So I have been using this product for about 18 days. I know the tea said it’s a 14-day cleanse. However, the amount of tea in the packet was considerable. So I still have a lot left.”

She moves on by giving an overview of that she thought about tea cleansing and the companies that sell them. She also shares what she thinks of its effects on society at large,

“There are a lot of tea companies out there that are that are selling people laxatives. They’re telling their consumers that their products are tea and that they’re all-natural. And that’s definitely problematic. That leads to a whole culture of eating disorder…And I think that’s so evil.”

Eliza definitely has a strong grasp on the social impact of having body image issues. She continues with detailing her research before getting ThinTea.

“I made sure to look at their marketing, look at their testimonials, look at the videos that other girls were doing…and make sure that this company wasn’t being problematic. And they’re not.”

All that Internet detective work led Eliza to deduce what ThinTea is legitimately offering.

“They’re selling you a lifestyle change. They’re not trying to sell you a quick- fix, which I really appreciate.”

She certainly gets it. Then she goes into the details of what results she actually got out of taking ThinTea blends. She also seems to have gotten more than she expected.            

“…I have definitely shed a few pounds on this system… The tea definitely kick started my metabolism, made me feel healthier, made me feel happier, and made me a better, well-rounded person. And I think a product that can do that is wonderful.”

She tops everything off by sharing before and after photos, showcasing her progress while doing the tea cleanse.

“I had a really good experience. I’ll show you some before and afters. I really, really liked it!”

We should all take Eliza’s lead and be smart consumers. We should take matters in our own hands and not take the word of companies and their celebrity ambassadors when deciding on whether or not to try a product. This is especially imperative for consumables—things that are supposed to go into the body.

ThinTea is a collective of specialty tea blends that are formulated to cleanse and improve the body’s capacity to burn fat naturally. We’ve taken precautions in choosing ingredients that would not cause laxative-like effects. We’ve even managed to make do without caffeine, dairy, gluten! For ThinTea, the people come first.

If Eliza’s experience with ThinTea cleansing blends has convinced you, our store is open to everyone who has decided to make a change for the better by living more healthfully. Get your ThinTea packs now!