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Ways to Ward off Burnouts

March 29, 2019

Ways to Ward off Burnouts

There is a thin line between burnout and clinical depression. It isn’t something to be taken lightly. By definition, burnout is when one feels exhaustion, apathy, or frustration from stress, over-exertion, or both. It manifests in varying ways but the most common is the feeling of “not being up to it anymore.”

Burnout is a major cause of drastic fall on productivity and can affect personal and social life. If you are feeling like you are about to go over the edge, here are a few tips for holding the fort against the dreaded B word.



One of the worst questions that we could ask ourselves as we near our limit is, “What is this all for?” This triggers self-doubt, over-analysis, and places us in a precarious place where we run ourselves down to a fork in the road. The mentioned question should pretty much be answered right at the beginning of any campaign we undertake. And while we are in the middle of it, it’s best to remind ourselves of the goal and what it entails for us and everyone around. There is no one way to self-encourage. But the one constant is that whatever journey we are embarked on is for the better.

One arguably effective tip is to set milestones that come with rewards when reached. They are refreshers and could very well keep us on track. Fatigue and exhaustion take a backseat as we marvel on these mini-victories.


Listen to Yourself

It is not a bad idea to go into a mental restorative state when you are starting to feel overwhelmed—into your mind palace, your fortress of solitude. We don’t want to use the word “retreat” here. It does not mean yielding to defeat. It has a lot to do with the above point. It’s best to do this as well when you feel that you are already physically reacting to the stress, which signifies that burnout is really apparent.

In your own little world, you don’t need to think about the tasks at hand. You can have conversations with yourself about anything. Ask yourself how you are doing. Share personal frustrations. And do not be hassled by the pressure of finding an answer to each and every question. Being aware of the hurdles is a big step in itself. The personal acceptance translates well to the physical, relieving us of stress-induces discomforts.


Unplug and Take a Break

We almost always run ourselves down when we have something to do and we say to ourselves, “I’m going to get this done by this time,” when time isn’t necessarily of the essence. Going straight and finishing early is mostly a good thing but it all depends on how mentally and physically demanding the job is. Breaks are needed in between in order to be truly productive.

The saying, “Haste makes waste,” could not be truer in this situation. Rushing could diminish work quality and just make us hit that wall much faster. And when we do take breaks, it’s best that we take the time to try as much as we can to distance ourselves to anything even remotely related to the task that has started to wear us out. We strongly suggest the most wholesome and restful of them all, the mother of all unpluggings—a nap.


Burnouts can really take their toll on the body. They can lower energy levels and even affect body functions like toxin elimination; the latter could lead to a whole host of problems like bloating. It would not hurt to help push things along. ThinTea could be one of your best companions in avoiding the dips that could expedite getting burnt out. The Detox and Fat Burn blends eliminate toxins for optimum general comfort, allowing you to focus on the task at hand, and give natural energy boosts to maintain physical drive! Get your packs now! The shop is open.