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ThinTea: Maria’s All-natural Weight loss Aid

April 25, 2022

ThinTea: Maria’s All-natural Weight loss Aid

Initially, the first thing I thought about was the skinny teas I see all over Instagram, and those kind of like laxative teas, so at first I was a little reserved about trying it out because I don’t like that stuff that’s really not my thing. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle and losing weight, I do everything just the natural way.



The Difference
These are all-natural, healthy ingredients you find in many herbal teas, it’s just a specific blend to aid, I guess on the specific function of each tea.

I always had stomach issues and one thing that my mom would always do for me as I was growing up is she would actually boil fennel seeds. So, fennel is good for digestion. It’s very natural, there’s nothing funky in here. It’s just a standard herbal tea and it aids in detoxing the body.

The Experience
One thing I noticed after taking it, my stomach was not as bloated as it usually is, which I just got accustomed to. I noticed that this just made me feel like, I guess you can say cleansed. It just made me feel like… myself.

Goodbye Cravings
It didn’t suppress my appetite to the point that I wasn’t hungry period. It wasn’t like this thing made me full and I don’t want to eat at all. I noticed that it made me feel satisfied. After I ate my dinner, not eating a lot, just like a normal portion, I felt very satisfied. I wasn’t looking for something sweet after.

If you are trying to switch to a healthy lifestyle, and you do well at breakfast, you do well at lunch, and by time dinner hits, you throw everything away, this is nice to take if you’re having cravings.

Try these all-natural and laxative-free blends here.