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ThinTea: A Girl’s Best Friend

May 01, 2020

ThinTea: A Girl’s Best Friend

A lot of the ladies know very well the discomforts of monthly cycles.
Day tells us how ThinTea significantly helped her in this department!


An overview 

"What really encouraged me to try is it has no laxatives and no caffeine."

The (detox) tea if you look up close is very earthy. It’s very grassy. It has petals and it smells very very organic. It has a light earthy taste.

This one (fat burn blend) you’re supposed to drink second. This one is delicious. This one smells amazing. This one (detox blend) smells good and rosy, but this one (fat burn blend)—incredible.


That time of the month

I just had to try it during my period, and you know I’m glad I did. Because I am significantly less bloated. I have suffered from severe cramps since I was a teenager, but now the cramps are very very tolerable to the point that I didn’t have to drink any midol during this cycle. I am very very thankful.

I find it a very very good addition to my routine.

Are you having trouble with bloating especially during that time of the month?

This is just what you need. Try the blends Day reviewed here.