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Taking Care of Skin While Indoors

June 30, 2020

Taking Care of Skin While Indoors

To those of us who can afford it, or those who have the wherewithal to work remotely from home, these days are spent mostly indoors. Self-isolation is a near perfect physical distancing measure.

We might assume that since we are spending less time outside, we don’t expose our skin to pollution and harmful UV rays from the sun. There are some truths to this, but it’s not all black and white when it comes to skin care during indoor isolation.

While we certainly contribute to the interest of public and personal health by staying in, doing so can and probably will trigger detrimental effects to our skin. Here are a few tips to keep skin healthy while staying indoors.



Many of us have now subscribed to the holy church of alcohol and hand sanitizer even if were just inside the house. We can’t be too safe in these unreal times, after all. Alcohol and alcohol-based sanitizers kill harmful baddies, but they also dry out skin like it’s nobody’s business. . Dry skin causes irritation and premature ageing. Even if we don’t use alcohol and just wash hands frequently, anti-bacterial hand soaps can dry out skin as well with prolonged use. So don’t forget a dab or two of moisturizing cream

It’s not just the hands that need taking care of. Some of us live in colder climates where heating is an absolute must. Extended exposure to home heating also leads to skin dryness but this time in the general sense. Experts recommend using moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid in them. This promotes better skin hydration.



Yes. Sunscreen. Indoors. Unless you are a mole person and live in underground or in a shoebox, chances are you have windows through which harmful UVA light can still get to you. It’s important to maintain your SPF routine even without direct exposure to sunlight albeit at an obviously lessened capacity.

Sunlight is still vital because it aids in the body’s natural production of vitamin D. This means you definitely still need protection for those few minutes of sunbathing in the morning. Moreover, lack of sunlight is often cited as a contributing factor to seasonal affective disorder. Better SPF up and get some rays, and don’t forget your mask.


Tech and Your Neck

Mobile devices produce something called ‘high energy visible (HEV) light’, otherwise known as blue light. Blue light emitted by gadgets causes harm to the skin, studies have shown. It promotes skin ageing and the development of dark spots. These days, we’re more stuck with our tiny, little screens than ever. It’s highly suggested that we take breaks from our portable devices frequently. Get some good old-fashioned TV-in-the-living-room action going, or perhaps consider other entertainment options.

It would not be surprising if a lot of us enjoy mobile entertainment while in bed with our head bent down toward the screen. This means the neck skin below the chin is folded, often, for hours at a time. This could lead to what’s referred to as ‘tech neck’. The effect is the early onset of skin wrinkling of the neck. This is yet another reason for taking more breaks from gadget use as well as minding how we bend our neck while watching the entire 6th season of ‘How to Get Away With Murder’.


Skeletonize Your Routine

Given that leaving the house has turned to a ‘need-to’ basis, we don’t need to ‘put our face on’ as often. This gives our skin some much needed time to breathe and relax. It’s the time for dispensing with unnecessary products that are merely for aesthetics. The cat wouldn’t mind if we don’t have our eyebrows on, or does it?

Also, and this might be somewhat going against the main point of this tip, it’s also a good time to test out different skin care regimens. Note that we are recommending using products for improving skin health and not appearances. Strip down the beauty routine and bulk up the care measures.


In keeping with making good use of the extended time indoors for taking proper care of skin, let’s not forget that we can boost skin health from the inside. A couple of weeks on ThinTea’s Detox plan could help safely and comfortably expel harmful toxins that cause bloating and other health issues. Being toxin-free means better skin health as well. Head on to the shop and pick out the blend that best suits you.