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Sviko’s Fitness Journey: Fat or Bloated?

January 22, 2019

Sviko’s Fitness Journey: Fat or Bloated?


Bloating can be deceiving. People can mistake bloating for weight gain especially since it’s mostly isolated at the mid-area of the body.

This was Sviko’s concern. Her tummy was a bit distended. But was she gaining unhealthy weight or was it bloat? She tried ThinTea to address the issue. Here’s what she has to say.

“The Detox one promises to cleanse, detoxify, and reduce bloating. It did help me reduce my bloating. I did feel more energized. I did take a quick snippet this morning just to show you just how much ‘belly bloating’ I did lose.

One of my problem areas was my belly. I was so self-conscious about my belly. And I realized it wasn’t because it was fat. It was more like I was constantly bloating, and I didn’t know why. And I didn’t realize until I started drinking this tea. And I was like, ‘Hold on. My belly is getting smaller.’ But it wasn’t the exercise I was doing. It’s because I was bloated. These teas definitely do help with that bloating.”

It’s great that pretty Sviko was able to isolate the problem using the Detox blend. It turned out to be bloating as opposed to weight gain.

She continues with her Fat Burn blend experience.

“When it comes to the far burner blend, it actually promises to speed up your metabolism, suppresses appetite, and burns fat… I’m not even going to lie to you. I noticed that my appetite was decreasing.

I’m a woman. We like to eat especially when Mother Nature comes and knocks on your door, and you’re hungry. And you’re like, ‘I want cake. I want crisps. I want chocolate. I want all these stuff.’ But I noticed every single time I drank this especially in the morning, I didn’t really have that much of an appetite. But I felt good. I felt like I have some energy. I didn’t really need to eat that much to continue with my day. I noticed that straight away.”

Sviko sure did respond well to the Fat Burn blend. Let’s hear her final thoughts on ThinTea’s signature blends.

“My bloating decreased and my appetite decreased as well. Fat reduced as well, which helps me on my fitness journey.”

Sviko used ThinTea to realize that there’s something more to her belly’s fullness beyond fat. She’s also supplementing her fitness program with the teas. Be it excess fat or bloating, ThinTea’s Detox and Fat Burn blends are here to help sort the body out in a safe, natural, and organic way. One need not take drastic measures just to lose a few pounds and inches around the waist. There’s always ThinTea. The shop is loaded with other tea blends for all sorts of needs, even for stress! So stop by anytime and get your journey to health and fitness on the road.