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Staying Fit while on a Holiday

January 29, 2022

Staying Fit while on a Holiday

“You want me to keep myself fit and healthy while on vacation?” You ask, as you take a swig of that exotic fruit smoothie. “You might as well ask me to split atoms with my bare hands.” You snap. Maintaining a fit bod while on holiday is relatively hard but it can be done. You’d thank yourself when you get back home and face your bathroom scale. Here are a few tips to ward off those holiday pounds.

  1. Have breaks

If possible, schedule your trip with rest days in-between binges. Use those days to detox and squeeze an hour or two for ANY form of exercise. You may be hiking up and down mountains but we tend to reward ourselves with a heavy meal after physically tasking tour activities. Stick to wholesome food and drinks on rest days so your body can re-orient itself and heal.

A workout would do you well during these breaks. Pack running gear and go for jogs or spots of low impact routines that don’t need gym equipment. Just move to keep your body in good condition and sweat out those mojitos you had last night.

  1. Liquid Love

When on holiday, we walk around looking at food stalls and see a lot of nice, refreshing, and striking exotic drinks. And we just chug them down one after the other because drinks don’t make us feel full for a long time. Liquid calories are ninjas, since most of these drinks are sweet or have alcohol in them.

Instead of downing a full drink by yourself, split it with friends if you just want to do a little taste test. That way you’d have a bit of caloric wiggle room for happy hour later at night.

  1. When in Rome

You don’t have to give in to decadence every time you sit down to eat on holidays. Ask your server for local dishes that are considered healthy every other meal or so. You get to experience the local flavours and it wouldn’t be too hard on your thighs.

  1. Use those Legs

If tour destinations aren’t that spread out, just walk instead of taking local transport. Wedge in a bit of cardio here and there during the day to keep that blood flowing. Of course, you’d have to plan ahead so you won’t be pressed for time. But you get to save money, burn a few calories, and you get to take a more scenic, immersive route. You get to really appreciate the local sights before you get to your next destination.

And of course, why not pack your ThinTea with you? Our blends come in travel-friendly re-sealable pouches, so it’s easy to stay bloat-free wherever you are. You’re gonna thank us once you see your holiday bikini pics.