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Safe and Steady Wins the Race

July 20, 2021

Safe and Steady Wins the Race

The gorgeous Drea gives her insights and shares her experiences using Thin Tea versus other teas.

Off the bat, she describes how other detox and fat burn teas don’t exactly have the safest ingredients and effects.

“…many of them have a lot of ingredients that are not really natural or healthy for you…They make you lose weight or look slimmer because they have a lot of laxatives…that give immediate results. You lose a lot of water weight or you just get rid of everything in your body.”

And how these teas create the illusion of weight loss, which doesn’t even last--

“You do look slimmer. But a lot of the times it goes away as soon as you stop taking them. And sometimes some of the things can be harmful to you.”

She goes on to describe what the fat burn blend has done for her.

“This one is the first one that I actually tried with no laxatives or anything that’s harmful in it. And I actually love it. I didn’t work out for a whole week but I still felt slimmer, and I can see a lot of definition in my slimming.”

Ig: @dreabeautyyy

She absolutely loves her detox experience, too!

“This tea helped a lot with getting rid of my bloating. And I’ve noticed with just two days of using it. I’ve tried plenty and none of them worked as good as this one. “

Drea also notes how even non-tea drinkers could appreciate how Thin Tea blends taste.

“I’m not a big tea person. But this one has a much better taste out of all the other teas I’ve tried. I’m not going to lie. The teas I’ve tried before were horrible. I remember, I used to cover my nose and just sip it super fast.”

Some things just stand out from the crowd. If you’re like Drea who’s wary of laxative teas and in search of safe way to detoxify and burn fat, then get our signature 28-day bundle here.