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Safe and Natural Cleansing with Lynnette

January 15, 2019

Safe and Natural Cleansing with Lynnette

The ingredients list of health and fitness products these days tend to read like a novel—large chunks of text comprised of insane “sciencey”   words that would make Marie Curie blush.

Lynnette is not a fan. She has, however, tried ThinTea’s Detox and Fat Burn blends. The ingredients lists are long but did they put her off? Let’s have a listen to what she has to say.

“I love the fact that everything is very natural. It is also made of leaves, and it’s easy to pronounce. Because I hate when I put things into my body that I cannot pronounce. And I have no idea what it is.”

She expresses her approval of the individual components. Clearly, Lynnette has done her homework and knows that they’re good for the body. She even got a bit too excited about a few of them.

She moves on to sharing what the actual effects of the tea blends have been like for her.

“Everything in here is just so healthy and natural for your body. And so when I was doing the week trial, I did went (sic) from a hundred and thirty six pounds to a hundred and thirty four. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything bad.”

She wraps up by giving her viewers some really sound advice and her final verdict on ThinTea.

“I do highly recommend them. I feel like you should go ahead and do some research before you end up putting anything, any type of detox, any type of anything into your body. Because your body is your temple and you do not want to do anything harmful to your body… I do highly recommend these. They taste amazing. Super simple to just add this into your routine. It is just good, healthy ingredients going into your body.”

Lynnette gives a great practical advice. We should be more vigilant about what we consume, in this particular case, for detox and a bit of weight loss.

ThinTea has proven itself time and again to be completely natural and safe. Synthetic additives can jog on as far as the signature blends are concerned. So head on to the store and grab your packs now!