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Restoring the Faith with Sydney

Restoring the Faith with Sydney

June 12, 2018

Being cynical can be good or bad depending on the situation. When it comes to consumable health products, a lot of us are jaded by default for good reasons. Companies tend to manufacture hype on their products. They spew out buzzwords and claim proprietary formulas or programs that “are sure to work”. Sadly this is hardly ever the case, and consumers are left doubting.

Even before Sydney tried ThinTea to eliminate bloat and lose weight, she was already suspicious of its efficacy. Did she change her mind? Let’s listen to her experience.

Sydney shares evidence of ThinTea’s effectiveness even before giving her detailed review by showing a before photo of her tummy and then standing up to reveal a much flatter stomach.

She continues with how it all happened with hardly any effort.

“This is what it looks like. I’m not sucking in. I promise. I just came back from winter break and for us, I was out for a month and two, three weeks. So I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do much. But honestly, for 14 days…I saw results in four, five days.”

Lovely Sydney shares the other things she got out of taking ThinTea blends.

“I noticed I wasn’t bloated so much. Yeah. After 14 days of using it, there was just a big difference. I don’t have a scale so I don’t know how much I weigh. But I look better. I have more energy. So yeah, I need to buy more of these because I love them.”

She then shares how she doubted the whole thing.

“It’s crazy that these things actually worked. Because I felt like, ‘Oh, getting these, I’m not going to see anything. It’s just not going to work!’ That’s just all I kept thinking about. But these guys honestly did work. I had two or three of my friends buy these. It’s just good. Everything in it is just good for you. There’s nothing bad in it.”

Sydney wraps up by talking about ThinTea’s lack of detrimental ingredients in detail.

“And it doesn’t make you sh-t. It’s just so psychotic. My mom would say, ‘You’re going to be sh-tting all day long.’ There’s no dairy in it. No gluten. No caffeine. No preservatives. It’s all good for you, guys. This is all good for you. And the good part is it doesn’t make you cr-p. So you’re good. You’re going to take this, lose some weight. And stop the bloating. Detox your body and not sh-t.”

It looks like Sydney had a lot of fun using ThinTea. You can consider her experience if you are still on the fence whether or not a tea detox is good for you or if it’s actually going to work. ThinTea has a number for bundles to choose from. Order yours now and begin the cleansing.