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Motivation: The Best Benefit from ThinTea

July 08, 2019

Motivation: The Best Benefit from ThinTea

One Chris
tmas break where Tiffany let go a little and feasted more than she flexed, and she already received rude comments about her weight—and this can easily discourage someone from getting back to the healthy road.  She was so excited to have something to help her get back on track to her healthy lifestyle.

No bloat? Sign me up!

"You’ve probably heard of it, like all over Instagram people drinking these tea that gives them energy, that help them lose weight, and it’s supposed to be beneficial to your body--and this is the ThinTea 28 day Fat Burn blend and Detox blend. It’s supposed to help you alkalize your body; it cleans out your body and detoxifies it. It helps reduce bloating and that’s like the number one selling point for me personally because I am a person who bloats up no matter what I eat… if I touch food, if I look at food I bloat."

The Set Back

"I actually have gained some weight and it’s just from not doing what I wanted to do and this was from last Christmas. I posted a few videos and there were some rude people on the comments saying, ‘Wow you sure ate a lot over the break!” ThinTea just helped me kickstart that lifestyle that I personally wanted and it just did a really great job at motivating me personally."

The Results

"I lost about 4 pounds on my very first week, which is a good amount of pounds to lose in just one week. I went on Snapchat and talked to you about this a little bit.

I actually have about half left, which is super exciting because I think I can have another good solid three weeks out of this."

Lost track along the way? Let us help you get back to the healthy lifestyle with our best selling blends.