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Lighting the Fuse with Emily

November 09, 2018

Lighting the Fuse with Emily

Not a lot of us could just get into health and fitness mode in a snap. Getting started on said lifestyle can be considered as the hardest part, with the rest of the process being much less taxing.

A tea cleansing or detox is a good way to get things rolling because it’s not intrusive and actually rather passive.

Emily has taken to ThinTea’s Detox and Fat Burn blends, looking to get that spark. But was she successful? Let’s hear her story.

“I do really like them. I like to use them both as more of a kickstart for me, for my body to get me into a sort of diet mode and detox mode. It helps to flush out my system.”

She goes into detail on how the ThinTea exactly gave her a jumpstart.

“I’m not a particularly healthy person. You can tell by my double chin. I’ve gained so much weight over the last couple of years. And this is a really good kickstart to losing weight. I’ve tried quite a few of these types of detoxes and I do think ThinTea is one of my favourite ones.”

Emily continues with why she likes ThinTea more than other tea detox brands.

“You probably heard that weight loss tea makes you go to the toilet quite a lot. And ThinTea’sactually one of the only ones that hasn’t made me do that. So it still works but they don’t shove a lot of laxatives in to make you poo out your weight basically.  

This is a very good version in terms of doing a ‘teatox’ without the harmful laxatives. And all of these are a hundred percent natural…It has all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff basically.”

She ends with commending the taste of the blends and compared them to other teas.

There’s no weird flavourings like some of the teas I’ve tried that have really obscure flavours to them. Yeah. I do really like them and I would recommend them…”

Emily’s experience has shown that the positive results from tea cleansing serve as an excellent inspiration of sorts for getting this sliding along when it comes to starting out on a health and fitness journey. And she has also proven that starting on it need not be tasking for the body. Natural and safe are still the best way to go, and ThinTea definitely has those covered.

The shop offers a wide selection of bundle to choose from so you can pick the right pack for your personal needs. Get yours now and get than engine all warmed up for the road to a healthier and cleaner body inside and out.