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Kelly Gets Back on the Health Track with ThinTea

December 09, 2019

Kelly Gets Back on the Health Track with ThinTea

Beauty Youtuber, Kelly talks about her amazing laxative-free, detox journey with ThinTea.



No Excessive Number 2

I’ve heard a lot that these detox teas are like laxatives in teas, which means it forces you to go number 2 a lot so that you’re basically getting rid of what you’re eating. So it helps you lose weight that way because you’re going to the bathroom so often. This tea however doesn’t have that in it.


What it Does

It actually does what it says. It basically flushes out all the toxins in your system. And it helps to reduce the bloating. At the same time it can help speed up the metabolism so you burn the calories faster. For example if you are just sitting at home and not doing anything, your metabolism is gonna move pretty slowly.  If you get up and go to the gym and run for 30 minutes, when you get home your metabolism is going to be sped up a little bit more. So that is the purpose or main goal of this tea is to help your metabolism to stay in that state where your metabolism burns calories faster.



Personal Experience

I am a full time student in college, I have a job, I have a social life, so I really love this tea. I actually look forward to drinking it every morning because it smells so good. Now keep in mind, I never had to use sugar.


I really think that it helped in reducing my bloating. It really helped to motivate me to get back on to the track the I used to be on, to have a better diet, to exercise, and I have to say I noticed a huge difference on my stomach. Like my bloating, was like gone. I noticed that in about 6 or 7 days, I noticed the results speeding up a little bit. My leg size, like my thigh size, shrunk, it literally shrunk. It helped flush out my system and it helped motivate me get back onto the right track.


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