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I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks with ThinTea

January 27, 2021

I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks with ThinTea

Youtube personality, Deja Lovely used to be scared and skeptical of detox teas because most weight loss teas in the market are just laxatives. Learning that ThinTea is not like other detox brands, she gave it a shot and saw amazing results!

(credit: @dejalovely)

With the help of ThinTea, Deja lost 10 pounds in 14 days and was really happy with the outcome!


Unlike Other Weight Loss Products: Real Fat Loss, Gentle All-Natural Blends

Deja chose ThinTea over other detox brands, and she explains, “The reason why I felt comfortable using ThinTea is because it has no laxatives. A lot of weight loss teas out there, they’re just mild laxatives. To me [using laxatives] is a waste of money and is also kinda misleading.” For her, to see real results, you must look at the “whole picture”—literally. “Don’t just focus on their stomachs. It’s probably just because they lost a lot of junk in their stomach and water weight. And they look great, but that’s not really fat loss,” she says.

She also loves how ThinTea kept her cravings at bay.

“I definitely noticed that ThinTea helped me control my cravings and also suppress my appetite. And I like that it wasn’t extreme, because I have used weight loss products in the past and I felt like I can go for like… four days without eating. That’s very extreme and it makes me wonder like, what’s in this, you know? But anyhow, ThinTea-- all-natural, no worries. I wasn’t counting calories or thinking ‘oh I only have to eat fruits and vegetables’—I just naturally just started to eat less but not to the point that I felt weak.”


A Natural Boost to Kick Start the Healthy Lifestyle

“The goal of ThinTea is to overall get you in balance and make you healthier, so that it is easier for you to lose weight.”

During the two-week period that she has been drinking ThinTea, Deja reports, “I always woke up feeling refreshed instead of super tired. I always felt like I had energy although I was reducing my calories."

Deja’s results after a few weeks of using ThinTea


Not Your Usual Tea

“I know some people are gonna say that ‘well, of course [any type of] tea is gonna do that to you’ but the thing is, I already drink 3-6 cups of tea a day, so I already know that the benefits that I was feeling were not because I was drinking tea, but because I was drinking ThinTea!”


The Real Gauge: When Others Start to Notice


“I lost 10 pounds during my first two weeks of using Thintea so that was awesome. At first I was a little concerned because I saw the numbers go down on the scale but not visually. But, my friends had already told me like, ‘wow, you look slimmer, your jawline is more apparent’ and that was without me asking them, so that’s how you know it’s real! And then when I thought about it and started looking at pictures of myself, I was like, ‘Ok! I see it!”