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How to Make Healthy Eating A Little Bit More Exciting

July 16, 2020

How to Make Healthy Eating A Little Bit More Exciting

For someone transitioning to eating more healthily, the process can be a challenge. The idea of eating well for health often bring up images of boring bowls of salads and dry, lean cuts of barely salted meats.

Just the anticipation of eating greens for more than twice a week could make people swear off the idea of healthy eating even before they get started. Healthy food need not be lifeless, tedious, or frustrating. People might think that eating food that’s good for the body is restrictive. But eating healthy is just as flexible as any other diet. There are plenty of ways to add zing and sumptuous sparkle to meals, given the proper advice.

Mix Up Breakfast
To most, breakfast is a constant, and so is the menu, which often rotates between handfuls of go-to recipes. These are tried and tested dishes. The adventure and variety are typically reserved for the succeeding meals of the day. So it wouldn’t be surprising if breakfast burnout eventually rears its boring and uneventful head.

It’s advisable to keep shake things up with the first meal of the day. Instead of a bowl of whole grain cereal with fruits, why not try something a bit more ethnic, like a gingery bowl of chicken rice porridge? It’s filling, delicious, and the ginger is good for digestive health. That whole wheat toast with egg white omelette doesn’t stand a chance against a flavourful plate of stir fried tomatoes and garlic with last night’s leftover turkey breast.

Breakfast means a lot to a ton of people, so it pays to play around outside of convention more often, and bring in some new and exciting meals to start off the day.

A Bit of Wham!
A bowl of boiled oats is about as exciting as a shopping for staple wires. People have gone around this issue by adding fruits, but the end is still a mostly mushy mass. It’s tastier and still healthy, but remains a little on the monotonous side texture-wise.

Adding just a bit of crunch could make eating healthy food a bit more involved even when the involvement is already in the mouth. Instead of adding fluid or things that are easy to mash, like peanut butter or fresh fruits, we can improve more by adding crushed dry roasted nuts. Whole wheat tortillas toasted to crispness have the same effect. This is also applicable so salads.

Integrating more robust flavours, even if a little bit, could add a much needed zing to healthy dishes. A spritz of citrus, or better yet, citrus zest, makes food less timid.

Ditch the Counter
This is a simple, practical change. Sure, the dinner table or the breakfast counter is doing a fabulous job at accommodating dining space needs, but there are other places to enjoy food around the house.

The patio, yard coffee table, or even the bed could shake up an otherwise boring meal that might have become stale from repetition. The burnout effect from eating healthy food is dampened by the change of scenery even if it’s still within the confines of the home.

Get in the Game
Meat is still on the menu for a large number of healthy eaters. It’s still a very accessible source of protein. Cooking methods still vary, with grilling, steaming, and blanching topping the choices list because these require little to zero added oil. The meat cuts preferred are on the lean side to maximize protein content while minimize animal fat intake.

It’s easy to realize how these combinations may lead to a rather boring cycle of grilled chicken breasts and tuna. To break this, it’s important noting that there are other kinds of meats out there. Game and other alternative meats, like venison, wild boar, rabbit, and even kangaroo, are thought to be leaner than usual livestock but pack a lot more punch in the flavour area.
The thrill and excitement in relation to healthy eating can quickly escalate with these tips. Being fully hands on with the preparation of the dishes would definitely make the diet more interesting. A nice, calming cup of tea pairs well with the renewed vigour toward healthy food. ThinTea’s signature blends are exquisitely crafted to not just taste good, but also be good for the body. The organic blends are laxative and caffeine-free, and are sure to complement a healthy diet.