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How to Exercise Right During a Pandemic

May 15, 2020

How to Exercise Right During a Pandemic

We all know that exercise has a powerful effect on our immune systems, but did you know that it’s not true that the more exercise we do, the better we can fight off sickness? The truth is, exercising too much is just as bad as not exercising at all in terms of boosting our immunity.

The issue is that intense, prolonged and intense workouts suppress the body’s immune response for a period of time right after exercising, and the longer and more intense the workout was, the longer the immune system is down. This is because the body interprets long periods of exercise as stress. This raises the levels of the hormones norepinephrine and cortisol—stress hormones that suppress the immune system. They cause immune cells (including white blood cells) to drop in  numbers during and after the workout.

Here are some simple exercises that can help you during this time.

  1. Jogging, cycling or brisk walking
    If you have the luxury to jog or walk in an area without a lot of people, then this would be the best. You will get the chance to breathe some fresh are and catch some rays—good ‘ol vitamin D.

  2. Going up and down the stairs
    There are plenty of ways you  can turn your household into a ‘gym.’ Going up and down a staircase for example is a good way to get your heart pumping.

  3. Jumping rope
    Have a bit of space and a rope? Jumping rope is a good way to get your heart racing and arms and legs working! It’s a lot of fun,  too!

  4. Online fitness classes
    Almost any type of workout is now available on Youtube! More so during quarantine, many fitness instructors share their expertise for free through live streaming. Choose from yoga, aerobics, dance and many more!

The key is to listen to one’s body. A good gauge is to be panting at the end of each exertion period but not be taxed and exhausted through the whole workout. Work at your own pace and you will build up your stamina as you keep working out.

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