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How to Detoxify if You are not a Kylie Jenner

May 14, 2019

How to Detoxify if You are not a Kylie Jenner

“Yeah Kylie Jenner, it might work for you cause you can like stay home all day, but for normal everyday people, that’s not reality.”

Youtuber, Katie gets real about detox teas with laxatives.

I’ve never ever tried detox teas, and the main huge reason why I nuh-uh-uh is that I’m super busy, I’m always on the go, I can’t be worrying about where the nearest toilet is. You’re gonna be in the toilet pretty much all day with the laxative teas, and that is a no go for me.


When she researched about ThinTea, Katie thought,

Okay this one is different from all the rest that I’ve seen.”

Let the Tummy Do the Talking

I just saw the biggest difference in my stomach. These teas have tremendously decreased my bloating. Everyday I eat a ton of vegetables and vegetables, if you didn’t know, make you bloat because they have so much fiber in them. So I was super impressed that it decreased my bloating.

I could also definitely tell that it suppressed my appetite a ton.


She ends by showing photos of before and after photos--  “Because if I look at reviews like this one, I gotta see some proof you know.”  Now there’s no arguing to results that you can actually see.


Start your laxative-free detox journey now!