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How ThinTea helped Rachel with Hyperacidity

August 17, 2021

How ThinTea helped Rachel with Hyperacidity

Make up guru Rachel shares what makes Thin Tea enjoyable and how much it helps her with alkalising her system neutralizing her hyperacidity.

She starts off by saying what she likes about using loose leaf tea.

“The tea is actually all loose tea rather than bags, which I love, because I love the process of making tea like that. I think it just feels a little bit more special, a little bit upmarket. I really, really like that.”

Rachel goes on to explain how the Detox Blend’s alkalizing properties sorted her stomach out.

“The detox blend actually helps alkalize the body. I have not spoken about this before, but I do tend to have problems with excess acid in my stomach. And I tend to have a lot of trouble with bloating, and generally my stomach just feeling a bit not right.”

Her experience with the Fat Burn Blend seems to be quite positive as well compared to other “slimming” teas she’s used before.

“I’ve tried teas in the past that claim to be weight loss teas, and for me, I just didn’t find them helpful. But with this tea, I think it helped. And I actually lost 3 pounds whilst I was using the tea. “

She explains how the 14-day tea blends are rather economical.

“I’ve actually taken them for the 14 days…there’s absolutely loads of tea left in there. I think I can get another two weeks out of that, maybe even more."

The beauty guru closes with how easy it is for her to drink the tea blends.

“They’re really, really nice to drink, too. They just taste really nice. The thing that I really like about it as well is you don’t have to drink absolute gallons of it through the day. It’s just one cup in the morning and one cup in the night. That absolutely suits me perfectly.”

Thin Tea blends are made of natural ingredients that safely counteract hyperacidity and burn fat. These blends are not bagged because we want users to be really involved in the Thin Tea experience.

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