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How Layefa Overcame her Struggle in the Kitchen

January 06, 2020

How Layefa Overcame her Struggle in the Kitchen

Going for a NEW YOU this NEW YEAR?


The best place to start your makeover for the new year is overcoming bad habits. Beauty vlogger Layefa knows how hard it is to try to lose weight, especially when your struggle is in the kitchen.



Exercise is Not Enough


Now like most females, there’s always something that’s not quite right about us right? For me in particular it’s been. my weight. If you don’t know, I’m actually quite active. I go to work out classes at least twice a week.


But my problem area is in the kitchen.  In order to stay fit and lose weight and all of that stuff, 80% of the work is in the kitchen, about what you eat. I have gained weight since I had children at it has been up and down ever since.



Results and Experience


Let me just tell you straight off, all together I actually managed to lose 5 pounds... which is like really? Because when I look at myself, I don’t feel like I lost weight. Good thing I took a picture of my before, I will insert it right here.


It’s been quite an experience and I have enjoyed it.


It suppresses your appetite. The first two weeks, I didn’t do any exercise so I really don’t know how this fat burning worked, coz this is amazing! I feel like if I were more strict with it, if I had exercised right from the word go, I feel like I would’ve lost even more weight.


No Starving, Just Healthy Living


The eating plan isn’t so strict. Although they have recommended recipes that you can try out, it also gives you guidelines… like certain foods to avoid and certain foods to take in replacement of some.


What it taught me more than everything is I don’t have to starve to be able to lose weight or to get healthy. So thumbs up to ThinTea!




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