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How Josie Cleared her Skin Up with ThinTea

November 08, 2021

How Josie Cleared her Skin Up with ThinTea

Beauty vlogging is a tall order. When you’re always in front of the camera, one of the first things the audience notices is your skin. Below, Josie talks about how she got clearer skin with a bit of detox.

She had been taking Thin Tea blends, and she shares what impressed her most about using them.

“One of my favourite things by far is that this tea did was it cleared my skin so well. “

Josie has also clearly done her homework on what causes breakouts.

“Before I got this tea, I was reading that acne on your forehead can be caused by problems in your digestive system. And you usually have to do some kind of detoxifying thing. Eat healthier or whatever.”

But sometimes the obvious solutions aren’t always up to the task. And that’s where Thin Tea comes in.

“I was eating healthy and I was drinking water. But I just feel like I needed something to give it a boost. And literally all my forehead acne has gone away when I started using these. Major plus to this. I felt overall my skin was glowing. My acne literally went away within four or five days I’ve been using this. So that was a huge plus and I’m really excited about that. “

Josie wraps up with other positive results she got from taking Thin Tea.

“I definitely can say I saw a major decrease in bloating. And I overall felt more fresh and clean, and just had more energy. ..I felt more awake. And I just felt better!...It definitely helps with not eating a bunch of food after you’ve already eaten dinner. I definitely feel more defined, and I can see my abs now. Before I’m just kind of bloated.”

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