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How Ingrida Sorted Sugar Cravings in Two Weeks

August 25, 2020

How Ingrida Sorted Sugar Cravings in Two Weeks

We, as a people, eat too much sugar in our diets. Sugar comes from various sources, forms, and is systematically referred to by different names just to not say outright that there’s a ton of sugar in a small can of ‘natural cranberry juice’. Some forms of sugar have names so intimidatingly complex that they’d shame Twista. Kids, Twista is a rapper from the 90s who can rap really fast.

Out-dated hip-hop references aside, increased sugar intake has taken its toll in today’s modern society. We are now more prone to heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health issues that are brought on or aggravated by excess sugar consumption. It’s a pinnacle that we shouldn’t be in.

Ingrida admits to loving sweets and wants things to change for her own betterment. She addresses this by trying out ThinTea’s 14-day detox plan. Let’s hear her out.

“I am absolutely in love with this! First of all, it tastes amazing. It’s not something you have to drink thinking, ‘Oh, I have to drink this because it’s good for me, but it tastes disgusting.’  This tastes amazing.”

A pretty strong start for ThinTea. Her comment is incredibly relatable. The myth that things that are good for you mostly taste like death is steadily pushed to the sides because of safe and responsible advancements in food science. The ingredients in ThinTea’s signature blends, however, are all delicious on their own. The tea mixes are made even tastier because the individual components complement each other really well.

Ingrida continues with her review.

“Surprisingly, I don’t feel bloated. This is amazing.  

Another thing that I really like about this tea is that it’s all natural. There’s no nasty surprise.”

That’s a two for two now. Or is it three for three? The detox plan aims to help alleviate bloating is the safest most comfortable way possible. ThinTea does not incorporate laxatives or synthetic diuretics.

And what of Ingrida’s problem with sweets? Time to finally find out if she got over it.

“Yeah, I love sweets. Guilty for that. But to be honest, for the last two weeks, I haven’t had a single chocolate. And I wasn’t craving for it, which is like, ‘Wait. What?’

I wasn’t craving any sweets. I wasn’t bloated anymore. My skin looks amazing and clear. I don’t have any breakouts or pimples for all this time. Like hello! Thank you! This is absolutely amazing! It tastes amazing. It’s so good for your body. It made me feel so good…”

We’re going to have to file that under ‘Success’. Ingrida is but one of the near countless people that have tried and loved the incredible, safe, and natural cleansing and de-bloating that ThinTea offers. Be one of them now! Get your detox plan here.