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Here’s What a Healthy Morning Routine Looks Like

July 30, 2019

Here’s What a Healthy Morning Routine Looks Like

The start of your day is very crucial on how the rest of the day pans out and in establishing a healthy lifestyle. Here three practices that will benefit your health according to research.

Hit the track before the fridge.
According to research, diving right into your workout routine before having breakfast speeds up weight loss and increases energy levels because it primes the body for an all-day fat burn.

This is because your body will not just burn off the energy from your most recent meal. On a fasted state, your body will tap into the body’s fat reserves.

Studies also show that people who get sunlight within two hours after waking are able to manage their weight better compared to those who did not get natural light.

Pump up that heart.
Make sure to include a cardio routine to your morning exercise.  Aside from strengthening the heart, lungs, and muscles, studies show that cardio helps to lift mood, clear the mind, and some research suggest that it helps protect us from some forms of cognitive decline that occur with age

Skip the Bagel.
The champ you see in the mirror deserves a hearty and healthy breakfast and the three key ingredients on your brekkie plate should be: protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Common breakfast items like bread and cereals are high in carbohydrates that are rapidly turned by our bodies into sugar and will not keep your energy stable throughout the day. Instead, choose food avocados, greens, eggs, yoghurt and nuts. This will keep you full for longer, power up your muscles, and smoothen your digestion. Studies also show that this diet is best not only for our bodies but for our brain as well.


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