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Healthy Condiments to Keep Around

September 04, 2018

Healthy Condiments to Keep Around

Condiments are packed with flavour. They add zest to otherwise bland foods. They also complement certain types of dish. Heavy in taste as they are, most store-bought condiments are also high in calories or additives.

Fortunately, there are healthier options to accompany your meals. So take a dip in these also-good-for-you food partners.



Tahini is a savoury paste that’s often used like mayonnaise in Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s made of ground sesame seeds, olive oil, garlic, citrus, and choice spices. It’s high in healthy fat and an excellent source of plant protein. The fresh garlic component makes it very heart friendly. It also tastes amazing in salads and sandwiches.



We’re talking about homemade here, of course. Considered as the most popular of all table condiments, homemade ketchup is made of pureed super ripe tomatoes, vinegar, salt, pepper, and spices to taste. The slow cooking process brings out the natural antioxidant lycopene from the tomatoes. Store-bought ketchup is loaded with high fructose corn syrup and preservatives to name a couple. So you are better off making your own custom recipe.



Gochujang is a spicy fermented paste made of chili powder, sticky rice paste, soybean powder, and barley malt. These are all good for the body. The probiotics from the fermentation process aids in digestion and improves nutrient absorption. It can be used as it is as a hot sauce alternative or as a cooking ingredient in stews and soups. It adds a nice gentle heat to food and a really exotic fermented twist.



Pesto isn’t just for pasta. It’s a very versatile sauce that can be used like mayo in sandwiches or as a dip for starters. The usual version is basil and is blitzed with fresh garlic, olive oil, lemon, roasted nuts, and salt and pepper to taste. It’s very high in antioxidants and good cholesterol. It’s wise to make large batches because once the family catches its scent, it will go very fast.

Satay Sauce         

Satay sauce is like loose peanut butter with the addition of garlic, soy sauce, and spices. It’s quite rich so a little goes a long way. It’s common in Southeast Asian cooking as a dip for grilled meats and sauce for noodles. It’s high in protein, and the spices help in bettering the digestive process. 


It’s a popular dipping sauce in Japanese cuisine and is made from healthful ingredients. Its main base is rice vinegar. Citrus juice, soy sauce, and a concentrated broth made from boiling seaweed and dried tuna flakes complete the ingredients list. It’s a clean tasting dip that is extremely versatile and low calorie. It’s mostly used for dipping sushi and fried foods.


So there you have it; condiments that pack in the flavour but not the calories and other less than healthy ingredients. Then after enjoying your delightful meal, why not wash everything down with a soothing cup of ThinTea’s Fat Burn blend to wrap everything up. Or perhaps have a cup of our Detox blend if it’s the daytime. They are a nice and very punctuation to meals so you can cleanse your body and burn off all that calories you just had. Our store is packed with tea bundles that are all good for you!