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Goodbye Stomach Issues, Hello Smaller Jeans

January 19, 2022

Goodbye Stomach Issues, Hello Smaller Jeans

Sometimes, stress and not-so-ideal diet and lifestyle can take a toll on our health and manifest in heartburn and acid reflux. Our girl Rita here shares how ThinTea, not only helped her lose weight, but also improved her digestion and the quality of her day-to-day life.

“When I wake up in the morning, I feel not so heartburny but like there’s acid coming out through my gastrointestinal (tract). It doesn’t feel good.”

With the tea blends, she gets the help she needs to sort out her morning woes.

“There are ingredients in here that are helping me with that. When I drink the detox blend, it’s taking whatever cheat things that I do the day before, like an Oreo cookie or a couple of scoops of ice cream, and it just helps me naturally cleanse it all without sitting on the toilet all day.”

Plus, Rita appreciates the other fine points of having the tea in the AM.

“It’s a pleasant taste in the morning. This is a more relaxing taste, and I really enjoy that about the detox blend in the morning. The other thing that I did notice while drinking this is my skin has gotten so much better. This is the real deal.”

She moves on to how the fat burn blend affects her in the evening and what it did for her weight…

“I had a gradual boost of energy that lasted me all through dinner time. Before drinking this tea, I would have my dinner and the acid reflux would start. This really helps to ease those problems. And over time, there were not problems whatsoever. Now I’m 11 lbs. lighter. I actually fit into a pair of size 11 jeans that I wasn’t able to fit in for four months. “

Start your day well and end it on a pleasant note with Thin Tea detox and fat burn blends. Get yours now!