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Goodbye Stomach Issues and Buddha Belly!

Goodbye Stomach Issues and Buddha Belly!

March 13, 2017

Ameera, a beauty vlogger, had suffered for years from stomach issues that even doctors couldn’t diagnose. When she heard about ThinTea, she thought it was worth a shot and she definitely did not regret her decision!

(credit: @ameeranassir)


Why She Recommends ThinTea

Since ThinTea blends are all-natural, vegan-friendly; gluten, dairy, preservative, additive, caffeine, and laxative-free, Ameera stresses “there is no risk in using these teas or drinking them.”


Her Experience: No More Tummy issues!


“I had serious stomach issues. I didn’t know what the problem was. My doctors didn’t know what the problem was. They took my blood and they still couldn’t tell me what the problem was! Every meal that I ate, I would either throw it back up or it will give me a really really really bad stomach ache.”


And finally, she found the solution to her mysterious condition.


“My stomach issues went away after I started drinking these teas and it was easier for everything to digest. It just made me feel so much better. And that was because of the [ThinTea] Detox Blend. That’s what cleaned up my system and got my stomach working in natural order again!”


Cherry on Top: Bye-bye Buddha Belly!

To her delight, better digestion wasn’t the only benefit that Ameera experienced. While waving the pink and white packet of ThinTea Fat Burn blend in the air, she shares, “This is what you want to get a flat belly.” To show what she means, she proceeds to sharing some photos.


“This is what my stomach looked like before I tried these teas. It’s a little bit… it’s a little lumpy.”

“And here is 28 days after. My stomach is relatively flatter.“



“So now I have curves again and it’s awesome. I don’t have just like a Buddha belly… just sitting there… waiting to be fed. My clothes fit better and I’m so much happier now because this stuff actually does work.”


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