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Goodbye Bloating, Cravings AND Coffee addiction: Aiko’s ThinTea Experience

February 10, 2020

Goodbye Bloating, Cravings AND Coffee addiction: Aiko’s ThinTea Experience

Late night cravings? Bloating and water retention? Caffeine addiction?

Aiko talks about how she kicked all of these!



"Today I am talking about a tea that I have been trying the past two weeks.

What makes them stand out for me was that fact that their detox tea had ZERO ZERO ZEROZERO ZERO type of laxatives, there wasn’t even any type of mild laxative in it. In the morning my moods would be really really good I feel really energized and ready to start my day."


"When I drink my night time tea, I noticed my night time cravings that I usually had every night -- all the bad things you’re not supposed to eat at night time before bed, I noticed when I drink the night time tea, it did help with the cravings. I wasn’t eating as much after the fact."



"When I wake up in the morning the next day, I do have to go to the bathroom because of all the water that I drank so it does help with the water retention.  I do also want to add that I lost about five pounds. So when it comes with our bodies, everybody is different, obviously. I noticed when I was drinking the detox tea, I noticed that because I am already starting losing weight, it noticed that it was more like a kickstart, get-into-gear kind of thing for my body. It kinda helped reset my body get back into it."



"I’ve kicked my coffee kick as well. I feel like this tea really helped me get off my caffeine kick, just because of the fact that I am really sensitive to caffeine. I am really really happy that I am able to go a few days without my coffee."


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