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Good-For-You Foods That Are Actually Toxic

August 21, 2018

Good-For-You Foods That Are Actually Toxic

Foodstuff deemed good for the body are hailed as saints these days. It’s sort of a good thing because it means the world is shifting focus on well-being. However, nothing comes for free in this world of ours. There’s always a catch with these foods as with most things. That catch is that they can also be detrimental to health or even fatal because of their toxin content.

In reality, most foods contain traces of harmful toxins but we tend to ignore them because it usually takes extremely large servings for symptoms to take. We’ve listed down common foods that have particularly nasty toxins.


Large Fish

Big fish like tuna are high up the food chain. So that means the toxins of the food of the food of the food that they eat add up and get stored in their body. Mercury is the leading cause for concern in tuna consumption.  Mercury poisoning is a serious healthy issue and could lead to death. Wild salmon is like the Royce of meaty fish. Its meat and fat can also contain traces of toxic plastic as waters are getting more and more polluted. Sticking to farmed, less posh salmon is recommended if you are particularly miffed by this fact. It’s good to moderately consume these lovely, lovely treasures from the deep.



Leave potatoes out and in direct sunlight, and you’d find it turning green and perhaps developing sprouts. Throw it out. It means they have developed glycoalkaloids—a compound that can cause headaches, diarrhea, and even coma and death! Don’t even try to cut out the green spots. The toxin can bleed through even the yellow areas once it starts to develop.


Raw Honey

Ah raw honey, the hipster’s taffy. It’s really good for you. It has enzymes that improve immunity, digestion, and even promote weight loss to name a few. But as the name states, it’s not processed, not pasteurized. It has harmful toxins like grayanotoxin. It’s in the name. It’s not very subtle. It can cause nausea and vomiting for a whole day. If not properly rehydrated, a person suffering from grayanotoxin poisoning could die of dehydration and other complications.


Green Tomatoes

This quirky phase in the life of the staple food is best enjoyed breaded and fried or in sauces.  But in this state, tomatoes are “ripe” with alkali poisons that could give your stomach a really bad time with cramps, and just general discomfort. Do consume in controlled amounts.



They are a really good quick snack or components in pasta sauces and middle-eastern condiments. Cashews available to mainstream consumers are rarely raw. They are either steamed or blanched in order to remove a particularly nasty toxin called urushiol. It’s a compound that’s also found in poison ivy. Unfortunately, this toxin is never removed a hundred percent from cashews. Traces of it remain, and can be fatal at high levels.


Of course, as with most things, the best way to not die from eating these supposedly harmless foods is to practice moderation.

And as mentioned, we still consume trace amounts of the listed toxins. The levels are just negligible. But they add up over time. So it’s best to do a regular detox. With ThinTea’s Detox and Fat Burn teas, you can get rid of these nasty poisons from your body so you can continuously enjoy the foods listed above regularly. Come by our shop, and grab your packs now!