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Give Fat a Chance

September 29, 2021

Give Fat a Chance

FATS—the mere mention of the word could make most people cringe and some people run straight into traffic screaming. But this delectable dietary constituent is making a huge comeback as new studies come out in its favour. We here at Thin Tea are stern advocates of health and fitness but are not above defending food that get an underserved bad rap, especially if they taste good.

Here are a few myths about fat in food and how they are really, really wrong.

  1. High Cholesterol Food are a No-No

More like yes-yes! High cholesterol foods have been demonized to the point of disgust. While foods like whole eggs do contain a lot of the stuff, recent studies have shown that consuming them don’t really raise blood cholesterol levels. Hence, they do not contribute to heart disease.

  1. Seed and Vegetable Oils are Better for You

Yes they are sourced from plants, which could easily be mistaken as a point toward the “good for you” realm. But these oils, which include soybean and corn oils, are highly processed. They are high in Omega-6 fatty acids that are bad for the body in the long run.

Recent studies even show that regular consumption of these oils increase the chance of heart disease. You are better off using oils that haven’t been overly processed like coconut and olive. Even clarified butter is a healthier option.

  1. Eating Fat Makes You Fat

It’s not that simple. The fat you consume doesn’t just nest under your skin and become dreaded flabs. It doesn’t work that way. The body processes fat into a whole host of other things. It doesn’t just lodge that dab of butter around your waist.

In fact, some studies show that a substantial amount of fat in your diet can actually be good for weight loss as fats tend to lower cholesterol, decrease blood sugar levels, normalize insulin levels, etc., according to studies. There are weight-loss programs out there that actually promote a high-fat diet. Of course, we still suggest consulting your nutritionist and doctor before making drastic changes in your diet.

  1. Low-Fat Foods are Better

Fats contain pretty much most if not all the flavour in most natural food items. This means low or non-fat options we have in the supermarkets have had the flavour yanked out of them leaving a husk of what those foods used to be. To make up for the lack of taste, food manufacturers add a lot of sugars, artificial flavourings, and chemicals.

Sadly, processed low-fat foods are still massively successful in the market despite the regular, unprocessed form of the foods being the healthier and tastier option.

So go ahead and butter up BOTH slices for that sandwich (or slather up that avo mash- for our vegan friends!).

But if you do feel like you have more fat than you need in your body, then give our Detox and Fat Burn blend a shot.