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Getting Results with Desirae

March 15, 2018

Getting Results with Desirae






Getting Results with Desirae

Many detox and slimming tea brands and blends out there make braggadocious claims on how effective and fast-acting they are. Only a handful delivers what they preach, however.

Beauty maven Desirae tried Thin Tea’s 14-day detox and fat burn plan. Do the blends live up to the rhymes they are spittin’? Your girl shares what it has been like taking Thin Tea.

Starting with her experience with the fat burn blend, Desirae details the appetite suppressing effects.

“I drink the tea after dinner. I noticed that I couldn’t eat even half of the portion of that I was serving myself because I was already (feeling) really full.”

She then says what she thinks of ThinTea’s efforts that extend beyond just the tea blends.

“What’s really cool about their website is that you can download their app. Their app gives you a bunch of ingredients and tips on how to eat healthy, how to make healthy food. You can go ahead and follow their food plan, and continue drinking these tea s while enjoying your meal.”

Desirae also dishes out on her pre and post-work blues and how she gets over them.

“It speeds up your metabolism. It re-energises you. I’m always coming home from work and I’m exhausted. But with this, I drink my tea in the morning, I don’t want to work, I eat my breakfast, and I just feel so awake, so alive. I just feel like getting stuff done.”

To wrap up, she lists down the more observable results that have come in even before finishing the 14 days!

“I’ve been seeing results on my face. Can you tell how thin my face is getting? I lost six pounds in eight days. And I'm still not done because it’s a 14-day process. So I’m pretty sure I’m still going to lose more.”

…and how easy it is to get these results.

“I honestly recommend it. It’s the east, fast way to lose weight. I’ve never been so motivated to lose weight because I have, basically, the stuff done for me. “

Achieve the same results quickly and safely like Desirae with your own Thin Tea detox kit! Get yours now and start feeling great, healthy, and energized without the downsides!