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Getting Over Post-Partum Bloating with Jalea Nicole

February 22, 2018

Getting Over Post-Partum Bloating with Jalea Nicole

Bearing a child is a fulfilling experience. However, certain bodily predicaments come with the territory. Outside of the obvious, bloating is a huge issue for new mothers.

Jalea Nicole found herself to be especially prone to bloating and having four kids has made her situation more apparent. Here she shares what taking ThinTea’s detox and fat burn blends did for her.

She kicks things off with her impressions of the fat burn blend.

“This one…kept my appetite in check. I would have a regular-sized meal that you’re supposed to have. By the time I let my food digest, I’m content. You can enjoy the food without having doubles.”

She moves on to the morning or detox blend.

“The morning tea…kept me from bloating even during my woman time. It was perfection. Even during my woman time I did not bloat.”

Jalea emphasizes how the ThinTea detox blend affects someone like her who’s had a several kids.

“You don’t even understand. I’ve had four kids. I bloat easy. I think that’s my biggest issue about being a female, being a mother. I bloat all the time. And this definitely did the trick. It kept me from getting bloated.”

Jalea Nicole is clearly getting the best of what ThinTea has to offer, even losing six pounds by the fourth week, and it has certainly helped her beyond weight maintenance. ThinTea is also great even if you aren’t going through the hormonal woes of post-pregnancy. Made from natural, organic ingredients, ThinTea’s 28-day detox program, is laxative and caffeine-free, so it’s completely safe for everyone. It’s also vegan-friendly! Get yours today!