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Getting Back on Track with ThinTea

August 20, 2019

Getting Back on Track with ThinTea

YouTuber, Lisa shares her ThinTea Detox journey, the challenges she faced, and her overall experience.

Disaster with another brand

The only detox tea that I’ve tried is by *mentions brand” which I had such a disaster with, Lisa explains. She decided to give tea detox another chance, but she chose ThinTea this time.


Will it work on its own?

I don’t particularly live an active lifestyle.  I don’t have a great deal of money to spend on healthy food. I love nice food; I love fattening food. So what I was interested to see is how just the tea alone can affect my weight. In the first week, I actually lost two pounds, which I was quite happy with, that was realty good.


The setback: eating her feelings

Unfortunately in that week, my granddad passed away.  As you can imagine emotions spiraled. Comforting eating. Eating my feelings apparently. I think I might have put on half a pound on my third week, and then I lost that half pound on the fourth week. I feel like I started the tea at the wrong time.


Overall experience

I did feel like the tea helped me feel less bloated, which is perfect. As you can see on my first picture I was super chunky and bloated and I felt really bloated and the picture next to is on my fourth week. It made me feel more energized and happier. I’m gonna say that it did affect my skin because I ate a lot of bad things and I didn’t break out. Out of it I started to each breakfast and started to make healthier choices towards the end.


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