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Five Detox Trends Bound to Make Waves in 2018

April 29, 2018

Five Detox Trends Bound to Make Waves in 2018

We’ve poked the bear a bit with the health trends to watch out for this year early this year (click if you missed it!). As we sashay into 2018’s second quarter, let’s turn the dial on that microscope, press the enhance button, and see what’s big and what’s going to be big in the realm of detoxification this year.

What’s interesting is they don’t all fall under the physical health and wellness category. Some are literally a bit out there as opposed to cleansing from within.

Here are our picks.


Digital Dip

Not necessarily new, but its necessity is steadily growing apparently. Spending too much time on handhelds and large-scale techno bits could adversely affect sleep, social skills, and self-awareness to name a few. It could even down one’s ability to unitask—focus.

So be ready to see more and more groups of friends, maybe even yours, set a “no phones” rule during night outs. Travelers are expected to leave gadgets, even music players, at home or at the hotel when going on excursions.


Mostly Green Home

Home detox is a thing and it’s gone in and out of vogue. But right now, 2018 sees an increasing number of homeowners resort to de-cluttering not just by volume but by minimizing furniture based on “toxic” materials, as well.

Plastic-based furniture and fixtures are now observably frowned upon by new homeowners looking to do interiors. Wood-derived household items are in. In fact, anything that’s been naturally sourced and sustainable is expected to trend. Recycling is going into the mix, too. Re-purposing is slowly becoming a norm. So go to your local flea market and get that vintage, all-steel filing cabinet, give it a quick touch-up, and use it as a mini-pantry. It’s chic and functional, and it will detoxify your home as well as the people living in it.


Cleaning Up Your Beauty Act

Here’s one that’s on a more personal level. People are minding what’s in their make-up more these days. It’s very straightforward. Reading and understanding the ingredients list to see if there are carcinogens, hormone disruptors, or plain old irritants seems second-nature but it’s not as common before.

Surprisingly, the personal care industry is largely unregulated even in largely developed countries such as the US. So this 2018 sees people being more discerning about what they slather on their skin.


Fasting Cleanse

We’re wading into more familiar territory now. Intermittent fasting has been known to show a great deal of positive results for weight loss but experts say that the effects go way beyond that.

Loosely considered as a form of detox, intermittent fasting is like the widely practiced Paleo diet. While Paleo is largely focused on actual food, fasting is more on mirroring early man’s lack of a proper eating schedule. They often didn’t get to eat until late in the day until they’d caught or foraged for something to consume. Scientists say that the period of running on fumes so to speak may produce therapeutic not only physically but also mentally.

Intermittent fasting has been linked to better blood sugar balance, reduces the risk of inflammation, and cellular repair. It can also improve brain metabolic processes, resulting in enhanced brain function and general clarity. So 2018 might be the year when more people eat breakfast at noon.


Organ and Cellular Care

The two main organs that are naturally concerned with body detox are the kidneys and liver. These days, people are zeroing in on helping out these default cleaners. So diets are tweaked and adjusted to keep them in top shape. Alcohol, sugar, and fat, all known to give the two organs a bit of a workout, are generally avoided. What’s so arguably different is that proteins and other supplemental micronutrients—vitamins and minerals—consumption is given more attention now because they are particularly hard on kidneys.

Like with make-up detox, people are looking into food ingredients more. And in the case of fresh foods, like produce and meats, the public is getting increasingly concerned with the chemical history of more perishable foodstuff.

Metals, herbicides, pesticides, small traces of plastics that somehow make their way into food, and more, are largely responsible for cellular toxicity that cause reams of health issues from minor effects to more serious conditions like cancer. Of course, the kidneys and liver don’t appreciate them, as well.

More outrage about these toxins that are casually into mass-produced foods is to be anticipated in the coming time.

In with the new doesn’t always mean out with the old. The old stuck around for a reason, and that’s because they worked. Take detox tea, for example. It’s still a reliable means of expelling bodily nasties as on the day of its conception. That is, if it’s done right. With the right tea blends, like ThinTea’s, you can get rid of toxins safely. And who said you can’t mix and match detox methods? Take ThinTea while you fast or clean the house. It’s perfectly fine.

Get your pack now and begin to see and feel the difference.