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Energy Without Caffeine? Sophie Shares her ThinTea Experience

December 06, 2021

Energy Without Caffeine? Sophie Shares her ThinTea Experience

Caffeine is one hell of a drug. And it really is classified as a drug—a psychoactive drug to be precise. It’s the world’s most widely used stimulant, a legal upper. A huge chunk of the world’s population has become dependent on the energy-boosting and mood-lifting effects of the substance through coffee and tea drinks. Intake has a lot of benefits but not without a price such as increasing risk of heart disease, extreme dependence, and exacerbating symptoms of mental and physical conditions.

Parenting blogger Sophie is not having any of it. She takes Thin Tea blends, which boost energy without caffeine.

She first commends the products for not having what most detox teas have.

“One thing I love about Thin Tea is that is doesn’t include any harsh, unhealthy laxatives, which a lot of slimming teas do.”

Sophie moves on to the matter at hand, and how it could potentially affect her on a deeper level.

“It’s also not pumped with caffeine, which as someone who suffers with anxiety is a massive, massive help. I think it’s really important because I don’t want to pump my body with caffeine.

Moreover, the mega mum describes why Thin Tea is better than caffeine-laden drinks.

“I also felt like I had energy when I took the tea in the morning, whereas it wasn’t that jittery caffeine-fueled energy. It was very much like a natural energy and motivation and boost. On the day when I forgot to take it I didn’t feel that.”

Sophie also related the difference when she wasn’t able to take the tea in between days and how it affected her.

“I have noticed the difference between taking and not taking it. On the days where I forgot to take it, I did notice that I did feel more bloated… When I don’t feel bloated, I feel like my game’s up. I feel like I can do it. I feel like I’m superwoman. And I feel like when you feel bloated and you feel sluggish, Ain’t nobody reaching that target…I definitely see a correlation between taking the tea and not taking the tea.”

Thin Tea provides energy by boosting the body’s metabolism and ridding it of toxins that dampen vitality levels. And it’s all done without the use of risky, addicting substances! Get yours now!