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Detoxify without the Boo Boos

May 06, 2019

Detoxify without the Boo Boos

Beauty vlogger, Ginelle has had bad experiences with other detox tea brands in the past, making her hesitant to try ThinTea. “It’s not functional. Most people have jobs. Like on your way to work, you have to pull over to go to a gas station because you gotta. That’s not cool.”


The ThinTea Difference
It is all-natural, vegan-friendly, gluten, dairy, preservative, additive and LAXATIVE FREE… That means no boo boos!

Is it Even Working?
At first I was like…Is this even doing anything? It did not give me the boo boos. Most of these teas have me running to the bathroom. Because I was not running to the bathroom, it got me thinking, is it working?

From the Inside Out
I continued using it for a couple more days, and I was not seeing a difference, but I was FEEELING a difference. Drinking the tea in the morning gave me energy, you know I was not as tired, I was not as lethargic. I had, motivation. I have not bloated. At all. I’m so used to being bloated that it was just weird to not be bloated. It was just amazing. Like I do not bloat… what??? That right there means this tea is everything.

The Visual Proof
Ginelle stands up and explains that she wore the exact same outfit she wore on her before pictures to show the difference. “I am not sucking anything in,” she says as she parades her slimmer midsection, showing every angle and comparing it to before pictures.

As they say, results speak louder than words.

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