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Bloating: Solved with Jesi Love

August 14, 2018

Bloating: Solved with Jesi Love

Bloating issues?
Jesi Love shares her problems with bloating and how she resolved it with ThinTea and how she could improve on it through her own efforts.

Jesi starts by sharing photos of her progress whilst on the ThinTea detox plan.

“I’m so happy because I’m not very bloated anymore… I’m not actually faking it.

She then details how the tea is helping her out despite her recent binges.

“For me, this tea helps me a lot when it comes to bloating I don’t eat healthy these days.”

Ms. Love also adds how she’s supplementing taking the tea blends by adding her own twist to things.

“I think the reason why it helped me lose a couple of pounds because I started to eat vegetables on the side. I really want to maximize the potential of the products. That’s the reason why I do that. But I do not starve myself.”

She explains how ThinTea is free from any active ingredients that could be detrimental in the long run.

Aside from the fact that this tea is slimming, it does not have any laxative… This is one hundred percent natural ingredients… So this is something that you can drink in the morning, and then go to work, and then you won’t really have to worry about being interrupted on your daily life. So that is pretty cool.”

Her general impressions on the teas followed.

“Overall. I am pretty satisfied with it. I really felt the change within me. I also feel very light.”

Jesi then focuses more on her bloating problem.

“The major thing that I like about this tea it really reduced the bloatiness that I have because I’ve been eating a lot of junk. Have you ever had that moment in your life that you look like you’re pregnant but you’re not. And it’s all because of bloating. I have had that for several weeks now and I don’t know what to do.”

She lists down what options to consider in order to sort the issue out and how ThinTea helped ultimately helped her on its own.

“I was thinking of juicing… I was thinking of water fasting. Those crazy stuff. But I’m happy that I was able to lose a little bit of weight even without trying so hard.”

Finally, Jesi imparts how she could improve the already good results she’s getting.

“If I’m going to career this, if I really want to lose weight, I could have made so much effort into this. And I think the result would be way better than I have right now.”

Jesi Love is very aware than steps like taking ThinTea’s Detox and Fat Burn blends are remarkable supplements to controlling bloat and losing weight. It’s a joint effort from the teas and the one taking them. If one is to reach the absolute perfect outcome, improved diet and more physical activities must be applied. ThinTea is formulated to give results in the safest way possible but often it needs the cooperation of its user. So let ThinTea’s signature blends give you a hand because we can always use it. Give our shop a visit and pick out the plan that best suits you!