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September 03, 2019


“Now I can eat rice and not feel bloated after.”

Ella admits to be a carb lover, being Asian, she eats rice on the daily. That is why, ThinTea came as a pleasant surprise.

Detox Surprise

So what I like about drinking this, significantly, I don’t feel bloated. AT ALL. Like no matter what I eat, or how much food I eat. It doesn’t matter if I eat rice, potatoes… pasta. Before, after I eat those stuff I feel bloated, especially rice, I feel bloated right away. But since I started taking the 28 day detox blend, I promised you guys, I have never felt any bloatednessnds i, not at all, zero. Whenever I need to drink root beer, which is my favorite, or ginger ale, you know how sometimes when you drink pop or soda, you feel bloated

Added Benefits

The fat burn blend I can feel that it really suppresses my appetite. It’s not that I don’t eat anymore. I would feel hungry, but when I’m starting to eat, I get full right away. And I don’t get hungry in between meals, you know those in between meals when you have to snack.

According to the scale I lost two pounds in the last 15 days. I am very very happy about the results. Two pounds is still two pounds. I lost two pounds in 15 days and I didn’t even go to the gym.

Since I started taking ThinTea, I feel good. 

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