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Ariya’s Journey to Better Health

January 15, 2018

Ariya’s Journey to Better Health

Some might assume that detox teas are concerned mainly with weight loss. But good detox blends are just as concerned with improving general health as it is with helping shed off the pounds.

Ariya takes us to what taking ThinTea has done for her and how the tea blends made a difference beyond losing weight.

“The reason why I love this tea is not only for the fact that I actually have lost weight. I love it because of how brilliant it’s been for my skin…I feel like my skin has really, really improved. It’s got a glow about it. It’s a lot more hydrated. I think I look a lot more awake.”

And it’s not just her skin, taking ThinTea has also given a hand to alleviating more a serious condition.

“The tea is really good also for people who struggle with low blood sugar level like myself. I haven’t felt faint at all… I’ve just felt really energized and happy. And I really enjoyed drinking this tea… It’s helped me sleep better at night.”

Ariya recaps the general effects of the tea and how they play a massive part in her overall health.

“I have less cravings than I did before. I just feel…healthier. I feel like my body is digesting my food a lot better. I feel more awake. My skin feels better. I have a lot more energy. I just can’t recommend this product enough.“

Doing a tea cleanse definitely does a lot more than helping one reach a healthy weight as evidenced by Ariya’s testimonial. The ripple effect of detoxification from within and maintaining a healthy diet reaches far and wide and we could all benefit from it. Take the plunge now and get into the ThinTea lifestyle with your own 14-day detox and fat burn blends! It’s about time we treat our body right.