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All the Good Stuff for Stephanie

September 10, 2020

All the Good Stuff for Stephanie

It’s easy to dismiss detox or cleansing teas as hyped and not actually useful but crucially quite harmful, because many brands use laxative as an active ingredient. Don’t get us wrong, laxatives do have their uses for medical issues. But they can be harsh and even unsafe as casual cleansing and detoxification go.

Stephanie is worried about doing a tea detox because of what she has heard from people who have done it. She was, however, able to muster up the courage to try it with ThinTea’s 14-day Detox Plan as her jump off point. She’s here and ready to share what she got out of it.

“These teas are laxative-free.

I don’t want to be at work needing to use the restroom 10 to 15 minutes, which I’ve heard has happened to other people who have drank those types of teas. This one is laxative-free.”

Immediately, Stephanie’s worries are pacified because, as she mentioned, ThinTea does not employ any sort of laxative in their blends. The tea does safely and naturally improve digestion,so people will experience a healthier and more normal expulsion of wastes. Hence, ThinTea users will not experience dehydration and its nasty effects. There will also be no running to the bathroom at all. It’s the safest and most comfortable cleansing.

But what of the other positive effects that the cleansing program claims? Steph has us covered.

“It does cleanse and detoxifies your tummy. It suppresses your appetite. It’s supposed to give you an energy boost, regulate your blood sugar, all that good stuff. “

Stephanie has evidently been getting “all that good stuff” as she said so herself. Does she have a favourite among the positive outcome of drinking ThinTea?

“What I really, really, really loved about this tea, and also what I would honestly keep using it for, is bloating. I bloat so much.  This tea helped me immensely when it came to my bloating.

I also definitely did see a difference when it came to my energy. I didn’t feel very lazy. I noticed a difference when it came to my appetite. I felt like I wasn’t craving things as much as I did before. I definitely recommend it…”

Bloating is such a hassle. It’s uncomfortable, even painful at times, and just makes a girl feel generally unwell. We’re happy that Stephanie got her bloating sorted out by taking ThinTea. And having extra energy to do more stuff better while not wanting to pig out isn’t such a shabby bonus!

ThinTea has helped cleared the air for people like Stephanie who are worried about taking up tea cleansing. Not all detox teas are created equal. ThinTea strives to give the best results without the usual hang-ups that come with taking tea from other less caring brands. ThinTea cares and it cares all the way! Visit the store and see which plan is best for you!