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A Starter’s Guide to Vegan Swaps

May 08, 2018

A Starter’s Guide to Vegan Swaps

In the last three years, people in the US who identify as vegans saw a 600% rise. The Chinese has officially recommended that its population reduce meat consumption by 50%. Meanwhile, Australia holds the third place in the fastest growing vegan population in the world, with local vegan food products getting a 92% increase.

Veganism has never been more prominent. The large numbers of the world’s population getting into the lifestyle prove that it’s not as tasking as one might assume. We’ve collected a few tips for substitutions should you choose to walk the path.


The Dairy Debacle

The options for dairy substitutes out in the market today are wide and varied. Soy milk would be the first to come to mind as it has instilled its position as an accessible milk substitute over the years. There are also almond, fresh coconut, and rice milks. Canned coconut milk and creamed cashews are great cream alternatives. These can easily take the place of good old milk and can be just as versatile. These can be used for cooking and baking.

Butter swaps include spreads based on olive, soya, and sunflower oils to name a few. Avocado mash is an all-time favourite butter substitute. Whipped boiled sweet potato is also a viable choice due to its moisture content, density, and subtle sweetness. Salted and aged firm tofu can be an easy DIY cheese substitute. If available, nutritional yeast can satiate that craving for salty and cheesy flavours and is a great source of fiber, protein, and essential vitamins.

Packing on the Meatless Protein              

The main hurdle, this is. There are quite a lot of ready-made meat substitutes available out in the market today but be weary as some of them are not completely vegan as animal-derived products may be used in the refining process or even as food colouring. Settle for the obvious option, which is tofu. The extremely versatile ingredient can be manipulated and processed in pretty much the same way as meat. Headier flora like cauliflower and mushrooms can be turned into patties that have very similar texture to ground meat and are great for vegan burgers.

Egging Yourself On

Easy egg substitutes for baking include mashed bananas, apples, or silken tofu. But if the binding quality of egg is really what you seek, then ground flax or chia seeds rehydrated with a bit of water is the way to go. The polysaccharide content of the two is the agent that brings baked goods together by forming a gel that provides good structural integrity. One tablespoon of the ground seeds with three tablespoons of water is equal to one large egg.

Dips, Spreads, and Condiments

Make your own hummus at home. It’s easy and versatile. You can use it as a dip or a sandwich spread. Mashed silken tofu with a bit of salt, lemon juice, and a few drops of yellow mustard makes for an excellent mayo swap. Creamed corn tweaked with a bit of onion and garlic is a great dip for parties.

Sweetening up the Vegan Deal

Honey is good for you but it’s not exactly vegan. You can use maple syrup or Korean sweet rice syrup if you can find it. Sugar syrup using raw brown sugar is also a great alternative if you enjoy the taste of molasses.

Chocolate is basically vegan until it’s processed with dairy to make milk chocolate. So stick with bitter dark chocolate. It honestly tastes better anyway.


Whether you are taking on the mantle for health or ethical purposes, being a vegan today isn’t as complicated as it was a few decades ago. Entire sections in grocery stores are allotted to vegan products. Almost every major city holds a weekend farmer’s markets that sell organic fruits and vegetables. Restaurants that serve 100% vegan cuisine are popping up every day.

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