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A Fourteen Day Thintea Journey with Krizztina

May 04, 2021

A Fourteen Day Thintea Journey with Krizztina

A Fourteen Day ThinTea Journey with Krizztina

Krizztina tried the ThinTea Detox and Fat Burn blends for 14 days and vlogged all about her experience.

So did it really work?

Let’s just say after a few days on the blends, Krizztina was already scared of running out!

First Impressions:

“I like that there’s no mystery as to what is actually in here.”

Krizztina loves that the ingredients are organic and loose leaf. Comparing ThinTea with other teas that are finely ground and packaged in tea bags, she says, “I can see here every last ingredient they have listed. For me that’s just amazing because it kind of just builds up your trust.”

Of course, the fact that it is laxative-free is always a winner.

“There are no preservatives; there are no laxatives there’s nothing in this tea that just happen to be in other teas. So when you get a detox from these teas, it’s a DETOX and not just your bowels moving—which I also really really love, because God knows, nobody wants to be detoxing their body and have to stay at home from work, or have to do it on the weekends when you’re supposed to be having fun.”


Another important thing that would help you stick to the program is the taste. “It did not taste disgusting! All the other detox teas I’ve tried in the past taste sooooo nasty!” But she is so happy to report that ThinTea tastes really good.


The Benefits:


Krizztina reported an improvement in her digestive system. “It made me regular—everyday (laughs). It made me very regular, but there wasn’t any discomfort.”



She especially loves how the detox blend gives her natural energy. “I was like… woken up. I felt more energized. I felt more awake.” Due to a recent change of work schedule, she wakes up really early and arrives work already exhausted. But since she started drinking ThinTea, she started feeling really good in the morning.



ThinTea is not like the dangerous pills that will take away all your appetite altogether. For Krizztina, she noticed that she wasn’t very hungry at night, “which was surprising for me because I love to eat,” she adds. However, she also noticed that in the mornings, she had the appetite to have breakfast (the most important meal of the day!), even when she was used to skipping breakfast in the past.



ThinTea naturally boosts one’s metabolism to help burn fat faster. Krizztina noticed this effect saying, “Can I be honest with you guys, any kind of fat that I have going on around there has actually DIMINISHED.”

The Verdict

“I really don’t know what I will do without these (teas), to tell you the truth.”

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