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7 Reasons Why You Should Detox

April 05, 2021

7 Reasons Why You Should Detox


The human body is an amazing system that, in theory, is able to cleanse and tune itself up naturally. However, with all the toxins that we introduce through preservatives and chemicals in processed food, our bodies need detoxification so they can function at their best capacity.



Here are a few benefits that you can experience from a detox.


  1. Better nutrient absorption and resistance to diseases.

Sometimes, although we eat healthy food, our bodies are not able to absorb the nutrients properly. This is usually because of the low pH levels of our system. We need to detoxify and alkalise our bodies so they can easily absorb nutrients that will nourish us and boost our immune system.

Moreover, according to naturopaths, certain conditions such as cancer, gout, and osteoporosis thrive in acidic environments. Therefore, for an effective detox, avoid food that are acidic in nature such as alcohol and sugar and eat lots of alkalising food such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs, spices, and herbal teas. Teas that have organic peppermint and chamomile are particularly alkalising.


You will love the ingredients of our Sleepy Slumber and Fat Burn teas!

  1. Enjoy a natural boost of energy. 

Accumulated toxins in the body tend to leave us feeling tired and sluggish. Flush those toxins out and feel the natural energy that your own body can generate even without the help of stimulants, like caffeine.


  1. Improve your skin.

This is one of the first benefits that ThinTea users experience. The skin is a good indicator of one’s overall health. When the body is cleansed from toxins and is nourished well, you will find acne and bumps clearing up and you will see a noticeable, natural glow.


Naturopaths also find a relationship between gut health and facial acne. A good detox will improve your digestion and this will also reflect in your complexion.

  1. Reduce bloating and puffiness.


Not only does it not look good, but a bloated stomach is very uncomfortable, as well. Most of the time, bloating is due to an imbalance of gut bacteria. Our detox blend is rich in natural organic herbs that sort out the digestive system, leaving a perfect balance in our gut. Moreover, ThinTea blends, along with sufficient water intake, help the body to flush out toxins and unnecessary fluids stored in unwanted places like the face and belly.


  1. Burn excess fat.

Since a detox will reboot your system, your metabolism will definitely be restored. Some of our ingredients like fennel seeds, hawthorn leaf and flower, organic cinnamon, and ginger root are also well known for their ability to naturally improve one’s metabolism.

To take advantage of this, we encourage that you incorporate physical activities in your daily routine. You will notice that you will burn more than you usually do once you improve your metabolism.


  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

After your detox, you will notice that you will be more in tune with what your body actually needs. Especially if you follow our detox program’s eating plan, by the end of your 14/28 detox cycle, you have cleansed your palate from artificial ingredients, you will discover a whole new appreciation for whole foods, and most of all, you will break free from unhealthy addictions (like addiction to sugar or simple carbs.)


  1.  You will feel so much better in your skin.

Physically, you will feel lighter and energized. You will notice the decrease of discomfort from bloating and that general sluggish feeling. Mentally and emotionally, you will experience a sense of well-being with a renewed clarity of mind and improved self-confidence. 

With these in mind, it is VERY important that you find the best detox companion. Avoid laxative/caffeine filled teas and supplements that may only dehydrate you and cause further harm. Check our gentle and effective detox blends here.